Valet Parking

valet_affair_pic_3Planning a wedding, graduation party or any other special event is tough enough without having to worry about finding parking for all of your guests, let alone parking convenient enough so they don’t have to ‘hike’ it. A quality valet service provides your guests a, stress free convenient parking solution and helps to protect any formal attire from the pitfalls of long walks and inclement weather. Everybody appreciates a little ‘pampering’ regardless of the occasion and a quality valet service will make them feel like a very special guest.
At Landmark Parking, we have been helping people just like you take the worry and stress out of event planning for over 25 years. As a full service parking management company we have the necessary tools and resources to deliver the best, most satisfactory and worry free parking experience for all of your guests. Even in the toughest of parking environments, we’ll work with you and any necessary local entities to find the best solution.
valet_affair_pic_1The Landmark Parking valet staff will provide your guests a superior level of service by taking care of all the details. All of our attendants maintain clean driving records and present a professional appearance along with a friendly and cordial personality at all times. We are fully licensed and carry top-flight insurance to protect all vehicles and property.
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