Is Your Parking Operation Running Smoothly?

Hello, and thank you for accepting our invitation to learn more about Landmark Parking, Inc. and how we are well positioned to be a valued partner in your parking development and management projects and initiatives. I would like first to introduce myself and Landmark Parking, Inc., offer a summary outlining the benefits of a parking services relationship with our firm, and provide you with an operations assessment guide I feel will provoke deep thought and discovery with regard to current operations at your facility.
Our intent is to persuade you to take an in-depth look at current operational efficiencies and levels of customer service at your facility coupled with the marketing and revenue generation practices currently employed. The goal of this review is two-fold, assess current operations and revenue generation as well as analyze the capability of your institution to address these needs and assess the value of engaging the services of one of the mid-Atlantic regions premier parking services operator and developer.
A Property or Asset Manager’s business extends well beyond simple maintenance, daily operation and accountability. At Landmark Parking, Inc., we believe that we can leverage years of expertise to augment your efforts in maximizing profits. To do this, we have developed a simple, but thought provoking “Back to Basics” guide to help you identify and assess all facets of your parking operations.
I invite you to download and peruse the “Back to Basics” guide and to assess current operations. For your convenience, I have included this guide in a PowerPoint presentation entitled “25 Ways to Build Profit & Boost Customer Satisfaction.”  Through this guide I believe you will seek to learn more about streamlining operations, boosting profit and enhancing customer satisfaction. “We are confident that Landmark Parking, Inc. will be your next call.”
Thank you and Best Wishes,
Gregory S. Hatfield,
President Landmark Parking, Inc.

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