Getachew Tesfaye, Washington & Northern VA General Manager

Getachew Tesfaye

Over 15 years in Parking Operations & Management
Getachew Tesfaye joined the Landmark Parking Team in 2010 after years of honing his knowledge and experience from California to Washington DC. He began his management career with Stand Parking in Berkley, California where he oversaw development of 17 locations and managed a staff of over 75 parking professionals.
From his beginnings at Standard Parking, to Laz Parking, InterPark and eventually Landmark Parking in Washington DC, Getachew has developed a deep and diverse portfolio of experience. He has a solid track record of superior service with respect to customer and client relationship management, operations and resource management, as well as a resume of successful sales and marketing projects.
A General Manager with demonstrated abilities to anticipate and capitalize on market trends, identify profit potential, and position the company and its clients to maximize market share. Getachew works with the President of Landmark Parking to consistently identify new management opportunities as well as targeting market environments previously under served.
Getachew is a Certified Parking Facility Manager (CPFM) and member in good standing with the National Parking Association of Washington, DC.