LPI EmployeeThank you for taking the time to consider Landmark Parking, Inc. as your next career choice. As an employee of Landmark Parking you will encounter many new people and possibly new ways of performing a job that you have performed in a similar capacity for another organization. If this is your very first venture into the job market, welcome!
At Landmark Parking, Inc. you’ll find that all of your teammates and managers are encouraged to look out for all new employees and help them become accustomed to their new position and work environment. From day one, you’ve got the entire Landmark Team dedicated to your success!
About Landmark Parking, Inc. and Landmark Parking of Virginia
Landmark Parking, Inc. was founded in Baltimore, MD in 1988 by Gregory S. Hatfield, who subsequently created Landmark Parking of Virginia shortly thereafter. Greg brought with him years of experience and knowledge that has helped to make Landmark Parking, Inc. and Landmark Parking of Virginia what they are today, industry leaders.
We are committed to providing all employees with the best of technical training and additional higher education opportunities, benefits, incentive programs and rewards. This translates to an employee providing superior customer service and a commitment to excellence in every aspect of his or her job. We encourage and extend every opportunity to all employees who wish to further their education with industry specific training.

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