Guest Parking Pass Request

A pass (ticket) will be left for you at the front desk to facilitate leaving the parking facility when you conclude your visit. Your online payment confirmation is a "receipt" only and will not facilitate existing the parking garage.
1. When you enter the parking garage, pull a ticket from the dispenser at the entry gate. DO NOT lose this ticket, it will be required to facilitate your exiting the garage.
2. Reminder! When you are ready to leave, you can pick up your guest pass (ticket) at the front desk located in the lobby. The desk clerk can show you where to exit to the parking garage.
3. When you reach the exit gate, insert the ticket that you first pulled from the dispenser upon entering the garage. It will then ask you to submit a credit card for payment. At this time, insert your guest pass (ticket) that you received from the front desk. This will raise the gate and facilitate existing the parking garage.
On behalf of the Southern Management Corporation and Landmark Parking, Inc. welcome to the Palisades of Bethesda, we hope you enjoy your stay and thank you for visiting!
Landmark Parking, Inc. assumes no responsibility for vehicle or property loss due to fire, theft, collision or any other damage not directly caused by the actions or negligence of Landmark Parking, Inc. and its employees.
All damages and/or loss to vehicle(s) or property contained within must be reported to Landmark Parking, Inc. by the parking patron prior to departure from the parking facility. If not reported prior to departure, customer agrees to release Landmark Parking, Inc. from all liability, in all cases.
During posted operating hours, a Landmark Parking Representative can be reached at the parking booth located at the entry/exit point within the garage. If you need to contact someone from Landmark Parking after hours, please call 202.466.3744 for assistance.