Our Mission

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Landmark Parking, Inc.

Philosophy and Objectives 


Strategic Vision: To be recognized as the best parking service management team in the Mid-Atlantic region. Guided by shared values, all management staff and team members are fully empowered to consistently exceed the expectations of the clients we work for and the customers we serve.
Core Values: At all times, act fairly, ethically and honestly in all dealings with our fellow employees, clients, and customers.
Customer Focused: Clients we work for and customers we serve drive all of our decisions and actions. We listen to their concerns, anticipate and analyze their needs, and act to exceed their expectations.
Continuous Improvement: We encourage and foster creativity and innovation, and never shy from a challenge to continuously improve our products and services.
Empowerment: All of our managers are fully empowered in their service to our clients and customers and fully engage any and all resources necessary to accomplish objectives. We are committed to service excellence, always recognizing and championing the diversity of our primary resource: “Our People
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As one of the foremost parking management service providers in the Mid-Atlantic region, Landmark Parking, Inc. consistently implements effective parking management operations plans that are firmly grounded in years of development and refinement, practical experiences and “state of the art” technologies. Our teams monitor and strengthen existing parking management services for the parking facility to include special event or valet activities, ensuring the highest standards of quality, service and perceived value to the customer are maintained at all times.
At Landmark Parking, Inc., “Our Name is Our Reputation”. We do not compromise our operating principles and practices at any time and strive each day to maintain our outstanding reputation. Our commitment to excellence can be seen in, and measured by the following:
  • Customer Attentiveness: We listen to the customer.
  • Tenant Relationships: We respond to the client.
  • Employee Welfare: We take care of our employees.
  • Commitment to Quality: We grade our performance each and every day.
  • Grow the Bottom Line: We strive to meet your financial goals.